Goal is the first episode of the Season 1 of The Walking Dead:Ruins of Life . It aired on March 21, 2014 on AMC and it was the first episode of the series overall.  

Season Season 1, Episode 01
Air date March 21, 2014(AMC)

March 23, 2014(Fox)

Written by Charlie Adlard
Directed by Guy Ferland
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Harry, a survivor of the outbreak and the protagonist, is desperate and run through the woods, trying to escape a half-dozen of hungry walkers. He escapes and then meets a man.

Other Cast Edit

  • Jake Garber as Door Walker
  • H. Patrik Coyne as Harry Walkers
  • Bob Fisher and Brent Bernhard as House Little Herd

Uncredited Edit

  • None

Deaths Edit

  • Some Walkers

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Harry.
  • First appearance of Mitchie.

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