Ok,so my Stern views were something the show needed,so here os a list of fictional characters i created 


  • Ouellette:Emily.Justin.Chase 
  • Greene Family:Billy
  • Road Group:Oliver.Isabella
  • Woobury:Rebecca.Alec.Tyrone.Gina.Jose.Carmen 
  • Diana's Family:Diana.Allison
  • Field Camp:Peter.Bree.Georgia
  • Mark's Family:Mark.Elizabeth.Mackenzie.Logan
  • Prison Newcomers.Daniella.Martin.Lucy.Daniel.Julie.Nathan.Jennifer.Barry.Chet.Grant.Colin.
  • Helen's Family:Helen.Larissa.Abby
  • Francis' Family:Francis.Monica.Mia
  • Ellie's Family:Ellie.Casey.Alexis
  • Chad's Camp:Chad.Penny.Andy.Donald.Elliot.Bridget 
  • Reese' Family:Reese.Ronnie.Trey.Keisha.Marcus.Janelle.Kayla 
  • Lisa's Family:Lisa.Kaydin.Dean 
  • Grady Memorial Hospital:Alice


  • Ouellette Family:Joseph.Laura 
  • Road Group:Bart 
  • Prison Newcomers.Joey.Bryce.Rudy.Kenny.Elijah

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